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Hi, I am Rachel!

I help Dogs and their Humans


I’ve spent the last three decades teaching and coaching in a variety of ways. I have taught children through adults. I have coached youth soccer at the recreational, club, and high school level. I even ran my own successful fitness business. 


Now I have taken all that experience, and am bringing it all together to help dogs and their humans. 


One huge truth that I have learned over the years is that harshness, punishment, and intimidation are not necessary. Not with people and not with animals. I’ve also learned that boring repetition and drills or not the best way either. 


Learning happens best in a playful, lighthearted, loving environment loaded with successful moments. I have found this to be true with humans AND WITH DOGS. This is the approach I use.

I believe in doing the best for your dog and bringing out the best in your dog. I can teach you how to build a great relationship with your dog and have fun creating a life together that works beautifully for both of you.

Happy dogs! That’s what I’m after.

Happy dogs and happy people. 

Real life results for both you and your dog.


Take a look below at the ways I can be of help to your dog and you.

CPDT-KA certified with many Happy clients!

Currently helping Dogs and People be Happy
in Santa Barbara,CA!

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A Path to Happiness



I train all ages of dogs, teaching the foundational skills as well as helping with behaviors that are concerning or problematic. In addition, I do relationship training. This means I help dogs and their humans learn a better way to live together.


For example I can help you:

Become an expert on your dog. 

Learn to play and engage with your dog.

Learn how to communicate with your dog. 

Understand how dogs learn (which is different from humans).

Learn what your dog loves and hates.

Learn how to make your dog happy.

Learn to craft a life that works for the both of you (meeting your needs and desires and theirs).


Outings &
Field Trips

I specialize in what I call canine enrichment. Dogs need new environments, smells, and experiences OFTEN in order to be satisfied, stimulated and happy. While I take your dog out on adventures and excursions (to places like parks, beaches, urban areas and hiking trails), I can teach your dog new skills, brush up on the skills they already have, or refresh the skills that may have gotten a bit rusty.

If you know your dog could use some time out, a field trip, or an adventure, but you don’t have the time, the energy, the know how, or the physical fitness to do it,  give me a call. This is highly popular with the elderly, for those with physical limitations, for those who are just too busy, and for those who just want to give the dogs a little extra a little more to make your dog  truly happy. 

Are You and Your Dog Ready to Live Happy Together?


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