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Happy Dogs, Happy People!


Hi, I am Rachel!

I help Dogs and their Humans


Like many of you, I brought a dog into my life for love and connection and companionship. That was always my true motivation. Then stuff happened. Dogs being dogs (and not humans or robots) led to some behaviors that I found annoying and inconvenient. 


My life with my dog morphed into one focused on training and obedience for my convenience. It was all about making my dog listen to me and getting him to do what I wanted. Along the way, I lost sight of the most important thing - the whole reason I invited a dog in my life to begin with - companionship, connection, and love. Focusing on obedience took a toll on our relationship. When my dog didn’t pick up on something right away, there was frustration that led to more training and more judgment on myself, and on him.

While studying and learning dog training techniques, I always had an inner knowing that something was off. That it should be about building relationship not obedience. That it could be more than a transactional partnership. I knew something had to change. There was a better way and I was determined to find it. I followed my gut and it led me back to what I’d known all along. The most important thing is relationship - where I loved my life with my dog and he loved his life with me.


Now I focus on helping dogs and people by teaching the art of connecting and partnering with dogs. When we live in partnership with our dogs there is communication, respect, trust, connection, and cooperation. Misbehaving dogs are finally understood and solutions that work for both the human and the dog flow. I can teach you how to build a great relationship with your dog and have fun creating a life together that works beautifully for both of you.

Happy dogs! That’s what I’m after.

Happy dogs and happy people.

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Take a look below at the ways I can be of help to your dog and you.

CPDT-KA certified with many Happy clients!

Currently helping Dogs and People be Happy
in Santa Barbara,CA!

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A Path to Happiness



Relationship training is my main focus. Think of me as your human-dog relationship coach.

I can help you:

- Build a true partnership with your dog.

- Learn to truly connect with your do (not transactional, treat based, or punishment based)

- Learn two-way communication with your dog

- Understand the unique ways dogs learn and navigate life

- Make your dog happy

- Understand and address unwanted behaviors in a cooperative way

- Craft a life that works for both of you

- Learn to make training enjoyable for both of you

Outings & Field Trips

Dogs are happy and loving life when they get to enjoy a variety of environments, smells, activities and experiences. This provides mental stimulation and makes for a rich life. I carefully choose outings to suit my dog friends. Locations and activities that will enrich and not overwhelm or stress them out. We visit trails, beaches, parks, and urban areas. 


During our adventures, your dog will have fun and also build or strengthen skills needed to thrive in our human society. 

If you know your dog could use some time out, an excursion, but you don’t have the time, energy, or the physical fitness to do it, give me a call. This is highly popular with the elderly, those with health issues or physical limitations, those with busy schedules, and those who just want to give their dogs a little extra happy-juice so they can thrive and have the best life. 


If You and Your Dog could use a little more HAPPY in your life together...


Contact Me Today!


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